Christ is the Center-Rediscovering Christianity

At the heart of the study, Rediscovering Christianity, is a simple truth: God says what He Means, He Means what He says, and He will do exactly what He said He would do exactly the way He said He would do it.  On this our faith depends and Christ is the center of our faith.

If we do not understand and know that God did exactly what He means, and did mean exactly what He said – then we would have much room for speculation and imagination rather than interpretation.  Too often the Word of God takes a back seat to many other things in church life.  Social interaction and entertainment are the two greatest “extracurricular” activities that often take first place in Christian organizations and churches rather than the Word.

There are those who proclaim that relationship is more important than the Word.  However, without a proper understanding of the Word, then how can we know God’s expectation of relationship?  If we do not have a proper knowledge and understanding of God’s Word then how can we know what it is that we are to be obedient to?  If we are to praise God and worship Him, unless we know what it is that He has done we find our praise and worship self-serving rather than glorifying to Him.

Rediscovering Christianity is geared to present Gods Word in the perspective in which it was given.  The whole of the biblical text is one grand story of truth – the unfolding drama of redemption – with our savior Jesus Christ as the main character.  Christ is the center of everything.

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