History of FBC

History of FBC Willcox

As many of you already know, First Baptist Church of Willcox will be celebrating our 100th anniversary in 2019.  Linda Clifton is working on putting together a history book for the first 100 years.  she needs input from as many folks as possible to make this book both an informative and enjoyable read.  Please help her by writing about your family’s history with First Baptist Church of Willcox.  Please fill out the form below and include copies of pictures your family as well as any others that were a part of the FBC Family.  make sure to put names, approximate dates, and where the pictures were taken.  Linda needs the information from you by February 1,2018 in order to get it written and published by our anniversary date.

Please elaborate (former church, when and where you or your family were saved. Please provided as many details as possible
What made you choose FBC as your church home?
In what capacities have you or your family members served (living or deceased) served in FBC? Please be as specific as possible (dates,length of service)
Please relate stories and incidents in which you or your family members were involved. Include anything, it does not have to be church related

Or you can upload your information here, preferrably in WORD or PDF formatting.

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