Sunday School First Baptist Church Willcox

Family Sunday School

old sunday schoolIt’s not just for children anymore!!  Here at First Baptist Church, we feel that a healthy, well-rounded, and vibrant Sunday School Ministry is vital to the Christian Education of not only our youth but the adults as well.  To bolster the Biblical literacy of those being discipled, we firmly believe that a systematic exploration of the Scriptures is of unrivaled importance.  There is not one “jot or tittle” of God’s Holy Word that is irrelevant to we modern Christians and providing all generations with a firm grasp of the truth is our goal.  In Christ we have the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Col. 2:3) and saving knowledge of Jesus Christ is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit as He enlightens us to the Scriptures and all they contain.  We would love to have your whole family join us at 9:45 A.M. on Sunday mornings at First Baptist Church of Willcox as we study through God’s Word using The Gospel Project .

There are classes for everyone from pre-schoolers to adults.

Sunday School Superintendent: Lori Todd

Pre-School : Mindy Stapleton & Jacque Cook

Elementary: Chad Preston & Verna Calvert

Middle School: Laurel Kibler and Teri Kibler

If you have any question please contact Luther Stapleton by clicking the link below or the link to each teacher above.  Thanks and God Bless!