Rediscovering Christianity

Rediscovering Christianity

Just the other day I was spraying water seal on the fence at my home. I have a lot of fence, and it is all wood fence. My wife and I chose to have a wood fence because we appreciate the look and warmth of wood. The various animals that the fence surrounds probably don’t care what the fence is made of, but it gives a nice ambiance to the barnyard.

So, I was spraying water seal on the wood fence. I do this because wood tends to not be able to maintain itself. Maybe you have noticed that when wood is recently cut it looks so nice and fresh, but after a while the newness and freshness disappear. The natural elements take their toll on the wood and it becomes discolored, dry, and can even begin to rot. So, I was spraying water seal on the wood fence at my home.

My intention (why I was spraying water seal on the word fence) was to possibly bring back some of that original luster and look that the fence had lost over time. As I was spraying I realized that wood fence would never again have the same appearance as it did when it was new. It has just been through too much weather, rain, heat, wind and dust – those natural things that just happen – you know, life.

Christianity and Society

There are similarities between that wood fence, and the Christianity. It is reasonable to say that the fence looks nothing like the trees from which it originally came. Although both are wood, the trees were handled in such a way to be used in a different way (a fence) than their original state (a tree). During the past several years many who consider themselves as Christian have seen an onslaught against most everything that they hold as true and moral. Society has undergone such a change, a shift, which contrasts itself against the majority of Christian beliefs. The question is, does Christianity look like it used to; does it look like it should?

This societal shift has resulted in many Christians seeing it as an attack on Christianity and its morality. This, in turn, is causing a movement to preserve the moralities of Christianity in a political paradigm. There is a tendency to evaluate and interpret what Christianity means and stands for from a political perspective. My question is, does the fence look like it did when it was first built, and does it resemble at all the tree from which it came? Before we even think about preserving what we think Christianity is or stands for we should be absolutely sure we have a correct understanding of what Christianity is and what it means.

We need to be careful to not allow society or politics to interpret such a sacred thing as Christianity. The creator of the tree knows the purpose for which He created the tree, and the creator of Christianity is to be the one sought to determine what it is and what it means. The very good news is, the Good News informs us about these things we need to know.
So, just the other day I was spraying water seal on the fence at my home, and now it is rather in depth study series titled, Rediscovering Christianity a study through the Book of Acts. Maybe you would like to join us at First Baptist Church in Willcox Arizona on Sunday mornings at 11:00. And, if you come earlier, we have Sunday School for all ages at 9:45.

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Pastor Stephen Kibler PhD.

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