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Developing Christian Community

Welcome to First Baptist Church where the Gospel, Discipleship, and Community are a part of life.
Christian Community FBC Willcox
First Baptist Church of Willcox is located amidst the desert wonders of South East, Arizona.  We are a growing Christian Community committed to the discipleship of new and mature believers alike, the changing of our...
Christian Education FBCWillcox
The goal of Christian Education is to disciple those within our community in the life lived for Jesus Christ.  In doing this, we strengthen the bonds that bind us together in the grace and wisdom...
Women’s Ministries
If you have any question about our Women's Ministry please click here: Women's Ministry Go here to submit your History of FBC Submit your recipes here Ministries of First Baptist Church Currently under construction
Sunday School First Baptist Church Willcox
It's not just for children anymore!!  Here at First Baptist Church, we feel that a healthy, well-rounded, and vibrant Sunday School Ministry is vital to the Christian Education of not only our youth but the adults...

Staff and Volunteers

Pastor Kibler  Senior Pastor Stephen Kibler, Phd.- A devoted Christian, Husband, and Father, Pastor Kibler is excited about the work of the Kingdom of God here in Willcox, AZ and around the world.  Bringing a heartfelt love of the Scriptures to his pastoral ministry, he desires to disciple those in his care in what it means to be a Christian.

Email Pastor Steve- pastorkibler@fbcwillcox.org



Luther Stapleton  Minister of Christian Education  Luther Stapleton- Luther is currently pursuing his Masters of Ministry degree from Luther Rice College and Seminary.  Luther, having a passion for God’s Word and teaching it to others, also is the Principal at Joanne Todd Christian School.

Email Luther- pastorluther@fbcwillcox.org

Deacons- Email

  1. Larrie Todd
  2. Phil Clifton
  3. Tom Todd
  4. Bob Jones
  5. Ed Breneman


Treasure- Debbi Todd

Email: FirstBaptist@fbcwillcox.org


Secretary- Jeannie Norris

Email: FirstBaptist@fbcwillcox.org


Sunday School Superintendent- Lori Todd


VBS Director- Mindy Stapleton

Email: VBS@FirstBaptistWillcox






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First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church Willcox

First Baptist Church WillcoxThanks for taking a few moments to see what is happening at First Baptist Willcox.  This site is a ministry of First Baptist Church Willcox and is focused on helping our members and the community as a whole experience the life changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are nearing our one hundreth anniversary and though the times have changed, the Gospel message has not.  Humanity fell in Adam and we are all sinners.  The Scriptures tell us that there is none righteous, no not one; and we are all in need of a Savior.  That need has been taken care of through the God-man, Jesus Christ. Therefore, everyone who has faith in Him and His finished work is justified by faith.

A Community of Believers

We pray that you would join us here at First Baptist Church Willcox and see for yourself the reality of our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ!  We welcome you with open arms to see this community of believers in action.

If you have any questions please contact:

In the mean time check out Calendar page, Sunday School, Women’s Ministry, and the latest article at the Pastor’s Blog.

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